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We Are One Audio Single includes bonus song "Our Father's Song" 

Written and performed by Sandy Soffe, a musical talent in Maryland. Sandy Soffe has been singing most of her life. Her musical experience spans rock, pop, country, gospel and theatrical music. With it's captivating combination of words, music, and added pictures to enhance the experience, you don't walk away empty handed from "WE ARE ONE." You feel uplifted knowing you're a part of something special. Sandy's collaboration with Kathy Foley of Link4U in California and Doug Benson at Harvest Recording in Thurmont produced a song that captures the message of America and embraces the heart and soul of the listener.

I was inspired to write "We Are One" after realizing how much this country has changed since the tragic day of 9/11/01" says Sandy. "Meeting Kathy Foley at Link4U and sharing in the experience of helping people from all over the world with my music has given me the greatest reward," Sandy adds. 

The whole song expresses the challenge, the hope, and the healing from these tragic events in history and moves the listener to enter fully into peace, knowing they are not alone but are one with the nation.

Along with the video production produced by Kathy Foley and Sandy Soffe this song is America, how far we have come and where we will go. Its beautiful words have touched many lives and will continue to help heal and also strengthen our country. Look how far we have come since 9/11/01. WE ARE ONE ~ One Nation Under God...One Color ~ RED, WHITE, and BLUE. 



Written & Performed by: Sandy Soffe
Produced by: Sandy Soffe, Kathy Foley, Doug Benson
Instr. Arrangement by: Doug Benson
Recorded by: Harvest Recording
Recorded & Released October 2002
All Rights Reserved. 

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2002 Sandy Soffe All Rights Reserved

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