The Story Behind the Music

Sandy’s first album (Reflections of Life) features all original music celebrating life. 

Approximately nine years ago, while Sandy was the Musical Director of St. Joseph’s Church Choir in Emmitsburg, she wrote and recorded her first pro-life song, entitled “Give Them the Right To Life”, which featured her choir. Since its release in 1991, it has been performed by other pro-life artists as well, and has repeatedly been performed at the Kickoff Rally for the annual March For Life in Washington, DC. The pro-life song also received hours of airplay on Maryland and Pennsylvania Christian radio stations.

In May of ‘97 Sandy had the honor of singing along with other east coast Christian artists, including internationally renowned Irish tenor, Mark Forrest, at a fund-raising concert, for the “Blanket of Love”. This ministry reaches out to heal parents who grieve silently over the loss of a child. Feeling so moved by the message of the concert, she asked for God’s inspiration to write a song regarding the “Blanket of Love”. She wrote the song entitled “His Blanket of Love” on the day after the concert, Mother’s Day. The song was based on notes that spell out “A BABE”.

Having to resign from her job and her active lifestyle in October of ‘97, Sandy stayed at home hoping to recuperate from her illness. Her only prayer was that our Lord would use her in some way as a source of blessing to others. Then, in the spring of ’98, a phone call from a mother requesting voice lessons for her 8-year-old daughter seemed to give purpose to her life again. Soon she obtained more students. Two of the songs on the album, would not exist if not for her young students, since she probably would not have been inspired to write the songs in the first place.

In the winter of ’99, during a period of only four months, six of the songs on the album were written. Sandy has been writing songs for many years, but they have never arrived in such an extraordinary manner. Both the lyrics and the melodies of six of the songs awakened her in the middle of the night.

Sandy had prayed that she might be a “source of blessing to others”. A young woman, after hearing the songs on the album, remarked “Sandy, you are going to be such a blessing to others with this album!”

Synopsis of Songs

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Born To Serve The Lord Click for Song Sample
reflects upon the value of personal life. (solo with choral backup)

His Blanket of Love
seeks to console post-abortive parents with the message of God’s saving grace both to them and their child. (solo)

I’d Like to Thank the Angel
Click for Song Sample
strives to offer consolation for both the mother and father of a child who has died. (male & female duet)

Taken Away
reminds us to reflect upon the children who were not allowed to have a birth day. (solo with children’s chorus and child’s solo)

It’s Not A Choice
reflects upon the fact that we value and defend life all around us, but the unborn child is forgotten. (solo with harmony backup)

A Mother’s Gift
reflects upon adoption as a pro-life option. (female solo, child’s solo, and children’s chorus)

Give Them The Right To Life
seeks to have audience reflect upon the gift of life given to them by God and their own parents. (solo with choir backup)

His Love of Life
Click for Song Sample
reflects upon God as the giver and sustainer of all life. (solo)

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