The Spirit of Hope Ministry, initiated by Christian Singer/Songwriter/Performer, Sandy Soffe, is a music ministry started as a result of her life altering experience when she was diagnosed with a debilitating disease that left her challenged with chronic pain. Experiencing first hand the emotional, physical, and spiritual burdens that accompany illness, as she has always done in times of personal trauma, Sandy turned to God and found solace in music. She hopes that through her music ministry, others will experience the same comfort.

In October of ’97 when first diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Sandy prayed that, in spite of her affliction, the Lord would use her as a source of blessing to others. Now seven years later, her ministry is blessing people all over the world.

            As the music is intended to convey to the listener that they are not alone in their pain, remind them that God is with them, and give hope in their suffering, it focuses on issues that are rarely, if ever, approached musically;

·        PARENTS’ PRAYER FOR CHILD IN MILITARY…“I Kissed My Son Good-bye” with the lyrics  “…Please don’t let him be afraid!” is a prayer echoed by parents throughout their children’s lives and especially when their children are in the military and go off to foreign lands, knowing that they might not ever come home!

     Due to the overwhelming response and numerous messages regarding this song, a Prayer Board and a Message Board were set up at  where a video synched to the song can be viewed/heard free of charge. People from all over the world are leaving prayers and messages everyday.

·        Those burdened with ADDICTIONSwith the album “Serenity,” based on the 12 Steps of Addictions, there is a song for each of the steps. This album has been healing, comforting, and helping people stay clean & sober all over the USA since its release in 2002 and is gaining popularity each day.

·        ADOPTION AS AN OPTIONwith the song “A Mother’s Gift”: from her “Reflections of Life” Album.

·        DEATH OF A YOUNG CHILDwith the song “I’d Like To Thank The Angel,” from her “Reflections of Life” album.

·        Women Suffering from MISCARRIAGE OR ABORTIONwith the song “Blanket of Love” from her “Reflections of Life” album.

·        PATRIOTIC MUSIC, reminding us how God has and continues to bless our country.

Ø     The song “We Are One” was written after 9/11/01 reminding us that our country is “One Nation under GOD.”

Ø     “Fallen Heroes” honors all of the men and women who have given the Ultimate Sacrifice.

·        Currently, Sandy is busy working on music that deals with those:


Ø     Contemplating SUICIDE; and struggling with FORGIVENESS.

  She reaches out to people not only with her CDs, but also gives testimonial when she performs her music live at churches, conferences, concerts, and conventions to encourage others.

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