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Sandy Soffe has been singing most of her life. Her musical experience spans rock, pop, country, gospel and theatrical music. As a child she sang in an award-winning children’s choir in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Sandy Soffe's professional training started under Milt Weiner, who instructed the renowned Rosemary Clooney. “Not only was he a voice teacher to Ms Clooney, but also a mentor. This was obvious in the many personal stories that he shared with me about Ms. Clooney,” Sandy says. “He was a very generous and kind man,” Soffe adds. “When my father died, my Mother was no longer able to pay for voice lessons. Mr. Weiner wanted me to continue, so he gave them to me free of charge!”

Sandy Soffe Albums and Music


New Music by Sandy SoffeI Kissed My Son Goodbye

  • I Kissed My Son Goodbye

We Are One

  • We Are One
  • Our Father's Song


  • Fallen Heroes
  • Little Did She Know She'd Kissed A Hero


  •  Reflections of the Twelve Steps

Sandy Soffe

Sandy Soffe


Use the talents you possess 
for the woods would be very silent
if no birds sang except for the best!

Henry Van Dyke

Sandy Soffe




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