fallin heroes includes little did she know she kissed a hero

Story Behind The Music

Little did she know she'd kissed a hero / fallen heroes


In September of 2002, over 5 million people were touched by these songs. Both songs celebrate not only the life & death of the heroes of 9/11/01, but also those who gave the ultimate sacrifice prior to and after 9/11/01. Sandy’s collaboration with Doug Benson of Harvest Recording Studio in Maryland and Kathy Foley of Link4U Productions in California brought much comfort and healing to many and continue to do so.

“Fallen Heroes” was inspired by the tragedy of 9/11/01 and also by her Father, who had been a fireman when she was a child in Norwood, NY. “I remember when the fire alarm would go off, my Dad would stop whatever he was doing and go rushing out the door. On the floor by his side of the bed, he would have his clothes laid out in such a way that enabled him to get dressed at a moment’s notice in case he was called in the middle of the night,” Sandy remembers. “I thought it was exciting! I always felt that my Dad was a hero, but I never had any idea of the danger involved,” she adds.

“As I was reviewing the just-recorded “Fallen Heroes” song in the studio, I started to cry, recalling those days when my Dad was a fireman. My Dad died many years ago when I was only 16. It was very strange to realize only after I had written and recorded ‘Fallen Heroes’ that I had basically written the song for my Father, even though the original inspiration came from the 9/11/01 disaster,” Sandy says.

“I had never recorded a song that I myself had not written. But when Link4U Productions requested that I record the song "Little Did She Know She'd Kissed A Hero” written by K. Jackson, I was delighted," Sandy says. “I am so glad that I did, because the two songs have brought a lot of healing and comfort to many."

“When these powerful songs, with their videos were released, the reaction was overwhelming,” Joe Miller from Link4U Productions recalls. “I am certain these tributes will continue to heal and comfort for many years to come,” Miller adds. "It's an incredible feeling to know that Sandy and I helped to comfort over five million people online during the week of 9/11/02," says Ms. Foley. These tributes were also shared across the country at special memorial events and services: military bases, schools, churches, and other non-profit organizations.

An online message board was created for people to share how these tributes touched their lives. It is located at www.link4U.com/littledidsheknow.htm 

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Fallen Heroes 

Little Did She Know She'd Kissed A Hero

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Performed by: Sandy Soffe
Produced by: Sandy Soffe, Doug Benson
Instr. Arrangement by: Doug Benson
Guitar by: Paul Rosenstock
Recorded by: Harvest Recording

FALLEN HEROES Written by: Sandy Soffe
Little Did She Know She's Kissed A Hero Written by: Kristy Jackson - Licensed August 16th, 2002

Note*: Regarding "Little Did She Know She'd Kissed A Hero" song:  We are not able to offer a sample clip or let you hear the song "Little Did She Know She'd Kissed A Hero" on this website any longer. Even though we had permission in the year 2002 for the performance of this song with the video and as a sample clip, the writer has decided not to grant permission for the year 2003. We have complied and removed the song from the video, and  the sample of the song on this website. If you remember this version, it is still available on CD with a special download of the video only.  If you are a radio station and would like a demo cd for airing we would be happy to send you one. Thank you for all your kind encouragement.

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