Sandy Soffe has been singing most of her life. Her musical experience spans from rock, pop, country, and gospel to theatre music. A brief summary of her professional career includes the following:

  • Received vocal training from Milt Weiner, Vocal Coach to the renowned Rosemary Clooney
  • Recorded two albums of all original music (written by Sandy) entitled “Serenity” and “Reflections of Life”
  • Received national attention in 2002 when her first double/single "Fallen Heroes" reached over 5 million listeners in just one week
  • “WE ARE ONE,” her second single, has captivated listeners with its combination of words, music, and video
  • Studied music at the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music
  • Sang professionally in nightclubs and various theatre musicals in Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland
  • Taught music (grades 1-8) at private school in Waynesboro, PA
  • Was Musical Director at St. Joseph Church, Emmitsburg, MD for thirteen years
  • Directed the Emmitsburg Community Chorus for approximately three years
  • Is teaching private voice lessons to adults and children
  • Has been writing music for approximately fifteen years

Sandy has been singing most of her life. As a child she sang in an award-winning children's choir in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her professional training started under Milt Weiner, who instructed the renowned Rosemary Clooney. “Not only was he a voice teacher to Ms Clooney, but also a mentor. This was obvious in the many personal stories that he shared with me about Ms. Clooney,” Sandy says. “He was a very generous and kind man,” Soffe adds. “When my father died, my Mother was no longer able to pay for voice lessons. Mr. Weiner wanted me to continue, so he gave them to me free of charge!”

After studying at the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Sandy sang professionally in nightclubs and various theatre musicals in Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

Her love for children led her to St. Andrew’s School in Waynesboro, PA, where she taught music (grades 1-8).

Sandy was a member of the DePaul Street Singers for about five years , under the direction of Rev. Dr. David Shaum of Mt. St. Mary’s College located in Emmitsburg, MD. The group consisted of artists who performed theatre musicals of the renowned Andrew Lloyd Webber, Stephen Sondheim, George Gershwin, and many others.

For approximately thirteen years, Sandy directed St. Joseph’s Church Choir. This is when she started writing music. “In choosing the hymns for Sunday Mass," Soffe says, "I liked to relate them to the readings and the gospel. Often times I could not find music with lyrics that related well, so I started to write music that would. This helps to reinforce God’s word…and what greater way to do it than through music!”

In October of 1997 she thought her musical career was ended when she developed severe pain, weakness and numbness in her arms and hands. She was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome, caused by repetitive motion. Her physical limitations inflicted a double hardship, one financial, the other personal. She was not only forced to give up her job, but also the directorship of the Emmitsburg Community Chorus. Everything seemed like “surrender."

Now, Sandy sees the blessings that have come from her ailment and firmly believes that God was instrumental because of the new direction her life has taken.

“Much of the strength has returned to my arms. The pain and discomfort stays as a reminder that keeps me sensitive to the burdens that Christ asks us to bear. We are all sent here for a purpose…to touch each others hearts,” Sandy says.

This experience has taught her about life and its meaning. She likes to think that perhaps our Lord is using her arms as a means of reaching out to those who are unable to reach out for themselves…the unborn and to comfort those who find themselves in a situation with nowhere to turn. It is not surprising, then, that both of her albums are based on bringing the comfort and peace of our Lord through the gift of music to those who have not yet found it.

Sandy received national attention in 2002 when her first double/single "Fallen Heroes" reached over 5 million listeners in just one week, bringing healing and comfort to many after the tragic events of 9/11/01.

Her second double/single "WE ARE ONE",  leaves you feeling uplifted knowing you're a part of something special.   With it's captivating combination of words, music, and added pictures to enhance the experience, you don't walk away empty handed. Sandy's collaboration with Kathy Foley of Link4U in California and Doug Benson at Harvest Recording in Thurmont, MD produced a song that captures the message of America and embraces the heart and soul of the listener. Along with the video production produced by Kathy Foley and Sandy Soffe this song is America, how far we have come and where we will go. Its beautiful words have touched many lives and will continue to help heal and strengthen our country.

Most recently, “I Kissed My Son Goodbye” conveys the message of encouragement and pride for our troops and also brings some comfort to those praying for their safe return home. The gentle, yet powerful words in this song help us realize the dedication that our brave men and women possess in order to be a part of our Armed Forces while also serving as a reminder to all of us to pray for every military person and their family.

Sandy’s music is distributed by:

Link4U Productions,

Heart Beat Records , and Apostle Music,

“Serenity” is also now available in recovery stores across the U.S.A.





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